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About Earth & Plow

Earth & Plow provides top-notch spices and spice blends that come at an affordable price. Our aim is to ignite your creativity in the kitchen and assist you in making delectable, wholesome, and flavourful meals for your loved ones. Be inspired by the freshness, fragrance and taste that our products offer.

Spice Cupboard Essentials

Herb & Spice Set
Kitchen Essentials

Are the dried herbs and spices in your cupboard past their prime? Over time, they lose their aroma and flavour, which won’t do your meals any favors. If it’s time to restock, this set of essentials will have you cooking delicious meals in no time!

Transport Yourself
Traditional Italy

This herb set is the perfect way to spice up your Italian cooking game. Not only will your dishes taste amazing, but the aroma will have your neighbors knocking down your door for a taste. Just be sure to stock up on extra ingredients for the unexpected guests who will inevitably show up at your door!

Creativity in the Kitchen

We are excited to share our love for cooking and great ingredients with you. Discovering new and exciting recipes & experimenting in the kitchen should feel like an adventure!

Wholesome Ingredients

Starting with high-quality ingredients makes cooking a more enjoyable experience so we are careful to vet our suppliers and prioritize Canadian farmers and ingredients.

Serve & Savour Delicious Meals

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of cooking a delicious, homemade meal and sharing it with the people you love. Serve and savour each and every bite and memory made!

FAQ - General

Earth & Plow was created by Jamie Lockhart, the founder of Mitchell’s Soup Co. This line of products consists of high quality herbs, spices and spice blends. 

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At this time, Earth & Plow can be ordered through the Mitchell’s Soup Co. website and is available for delivery within Canada. 

Shipping is FREE on orders over $60. (You can combine Earth & Plow products with products found on the Mitchell’s website to reach the free shipping threshold). 

Order, shipping and tracking information will be provided by email via Mitchell’s Soup Co. If you have any questions please contact us at customerservice@mitchellssoupco. 

Thank you for your interest!

Please get in touch with us at for information about carrying Earth & Plow products.

Terms & Conditions

Earth & Plow purchases can be made through the Mitchell's Soup Co. website. All accounts, purchases and data collected will fall under Mitchell's Soup Co. More information can be found below. If you have additional questions please contact us at

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