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Family Friendly and Healthy Too! 

When life gets busy, and you need to solve the “what’s for dinner?” problem, it’s nice to have some tasty options in your back pocket! The question is, what meals are easy to make, affordable AND healthy? 

We work hard at Mitchell’s to make sure we can tick all three boxes for you! Each regular-size meal mix makes 8-10 servings with many meals costing as little as $3.50 per serving. Plus, the meals are so easy to put together! As your cooking partner, we’ve assembled a selection of quality dried ingredients plus the soup base and herb & spice blends so all you have to do is a bit of fresh ingredient prep, then cook and serve! 

What is in Mitchells

Mitchell’s meal mixes are also very shelf-stable with best before dates of 12-14 months depending on the product. So you can purchase a few for the pantry and always have a wide selection available to choose from. 

Common Ingredients to Have On-Hand

Soups, stews and chilis are amazingly versatile and our products are no exception. While we do provide added ingredient suggestions you truly can be creative by adding more or less fresh ingredients or even omitting those you don’t have on-hand. We promise, your meal will still be flavourful and filling! 

If you want to make sure you have some of the very basic ingredients available at home, we’ve put together this shopping list for you. (It's even better if you can save a few dollars by picking them up when they are on sale!) 

Shopping List

You can always fall back on Mitchell’s for an easy, healthy homemade meal without a lot of fuss and mess. (Not to mention less dishes when you prepare one of our one-pot meals!)

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Mitchell’s Meal Plans

Save money, time and food waste by pre-planning meals to make and leftovers to use. (You should even be able to get a few school/work sandwiches out of this meal plan!) 

Here are a trio of easy two-day meal plans to try out this fall/winter season. You can add your leftover chicken, roast beef or ham to the meal mix of your choice along with some fresh, frozen or canned veggies and potatoes. Don't forget to grab a fresh loaf of bread or buns to pair with your soup, stew or chili! 

Pro Tips:

  • When adding already cooked meats to your meals, you can add them at the end of the cooking time just long enough to warm them up. 
  • Add a little or add a lot of the ingredients you have available. Measurements for the add-in's do not need to be overly precise. 

Meal Planning With Mitchell's

Bundle Up & Save

We love to hear how helpful our meal mixes are for busy families. We are told they are time and money saving but that they also provide a tasty, comforting selection of meals that the whole family is able to enjoy together... and that is what it is all about. ♥️

If you would like to try a variety of mixes we have some popular Bundles you might like to order from our Online Market.

Here are our Top 3 best sellers! 

1. Baker's Dozen - Buy 12 & Get the 13th mix for FREE

2. Apocalypse Bundle - Buy 18 & Get 2 More for FREE

3. Family Faves Bundle- 8 Mixes for $77

Includes: Mexican Tortilla Soup, Country Chicken Chowder, Chuckwagon Chili, Classic Chicken & Herb Soup, Fully Loaded Potato Soup, Irish Beef Stew, Old Fashioned Beef Barley Soup, Rustic Italian Soup



Learn more about who we are and what we do and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions. 

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